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Why Choose Payday Loans UK From Swift Money?

How Do Your UK Payday Loans Work?

You can apply for a Swift Money® loan in minutes. You just need to click “apply now” to visit and complete our online application form. We require basic personal information – nothing obscure. With your full names, personal address, phone no. among other basic readily available information, you can apply for a loan in seconds. Unlike most online loan companies in the UK, we don’t overcomplicate the process. We are also fair. We don’t ask for credit scores and discriminate applicants based on their score. We also don’t do background checks. If you provide the basic information required on the application form accurately, your chances of securing a loan instantly are very high.

• Applicant must be 18+ years • Be a UK resident • Have a bank a/c. • Be employed or have proof of income.

How Much Can/Should I Borrow?

Swift Money® UK payday loans are available from ?100 to ?1,000. Repeat clients who have established a good relationship with us can borrow beyond ?1000. Please note: Our payday loans are designed to help people who need emergency cash to cater for unexpected expenses. If you have car trouble and you don’t have repair money, it is recommendable to borrow from us. The same applies to other emergencies expenses like; home repairs, hospital bills, etc., that you may be faced with when you don’t have the cash. We don’t encourage anyone to apply for short term loans for purposes which don’t have an element of “emergency” i.e., taking a payday loan to buy new clothes, shoes, gadgets, etc. Furthermore, you shouldn’t apply for any loan if you cannot meet the repayment terms. Defaulting on any loan can affect your credit rating making it harder for you to secure loans in the future.

Important: Swift Money uses a fully automated online loan application process. All properly-filled applications are forwarded to an extensive list of trusted UK payday loan lenders. We have established formidable relationships with over 20 authorized short term loan lenders. If your application contains 100% accurate information, we guarantee a 97% approval rate. We send applicants emails almost instantly confirming the outcome of the application. Only 3% of applicants are unable to secure emergency loans with us. The reasons behind declined applications vary from; inaccurate to incomplete information so, ensure you follow the application form instructions to the letter!

Successful applicants are redirected to a lenders website automatically. When your loan application is being processed, we match applicants with the best lenders based on a number of factors ranging from loan amount to preferred terms. You are assured of being paired with the best Payday loans lender for you. Before you receive the loan amount, you will receive a loan agreement that needs to be accepted for you to get the loan. It’s advisable to read the agreement to the letter before you consent to it although most typical online payday loans Marietta no credit check payday loan borrowers are usually in a hurry to get money.

After reading and signing your loan agreement, funds are automatically disbursed in minutes. Swift Money® payday loans are sent in 10 minutes or less. Our clients enjoy Fast Payment Service which guarantees fast disbursement. This payment option is recommendable to borrowers who can’t wait since some short term loans can take hours to days to be disbursed. Fast Payment Service ensures money arrives in your preferred payment option, i.e., bank account within 10 minutes.

Are Swift Money® The Best UK Payday Credit Brokers?

• 1,000,000+ successful loan applications: Swift Money® has been chosen by over one million people since being established in 2011. We have helped countless borrowers secure millions of pounds to cater for their unexpected cash needs.

• 97% approval rate: Payday loan borrowers who use Swift Money® are almost assured of getting loans. We have partnered with great lenders who guarantee loans provided loan applications are filled accurately and properly. Furthermore, you can apply and get a loan even if your credit score/rating is poor. We offer bad credit payday loans. As credit brokers, we are also able to place your loan application in front of many willing lenders. Going directly to a lender doesn’t offer you this option.

• Verifiable rating: Our customer satisfaction score is 4.59 out of 5 stars. 89% of borrowers who have used us recommend us. This information can be verified here:

• 100% online loans: Our loan application, processing, and disbursement are done online minimizing time. Swift Money understands the urgency associated with payday loans better than most credit brokers.

• Great terms: We’ve partnered with the best-of-the-best payday loans lenders in the United Kingdom. Our loans attract very competitive rates. For instance, we offer a representative APR of %. Feel free to compare Swift Money® rates with those of our competitors. Example; borrow ?50 for 30 days and pay ?62. What’s more: If you are unable to meet your loan obligations, i.e., repay in time, you can contact us in advance to facilitate new terms. Our support team answers correspondence 24/7. Although the lender dictates the new terms, we have helped borrowers who face repayment difficulties avoid defaulting on their loans.

• We are FCA-authorised: Our authorisation no: 738569. You can confirm our authorization by visiting the FCA’s registry ( and searching 738569. All our company information is available (including the physical address) on the FCA website. Beware of payday lenders with no physical address!

• Strict data protection: Swift Money and all of our partners are GDPR compliant. We treat customer data privacy very seriously. Please view our Privacy Policy here.

FCA Register

Swift Money Ltd are authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Authorization can be checked on the FCA register at: Firm reference Number: 738569

Free Financial Advice

If you are struggling with your finances and wouold like to speak to someone, you can contact any of the companies below, completely free of any charges:

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